Upgrade your downtime with a stylish rocking recliner. sensitive areas like your hips and back. For casual style and comfort, it’s easy to see why the Jay Wall Recliner is a family favorite. It’s all about the unexpected details. Its slim profile and tastefully padded arms keep the look clean and tailored, while the split back and flange sti... For those in search of contemporary chic, our Kipling Rocking Recliner is the one you’ve b... content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/large/010744-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/small/010744-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/xsmall/010744-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/010744-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/010_744_alt1.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/010_744_alt1.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/010_744_alt1.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/010_744_alt1.jpg. Augustine rocker recliner. The Coleman Rocking Recliner was designed with a smaller scale to fit into rooms that other recliners might not. Balmoral armchair. 3 Position Locking: The recliner comes with an adjustable footrest. The Pinnacle Gliding Recliner has an easygoing style that’s just right for resting and relaxing. As your child grows, the rocking chair will surely become a place to read, snuggle, and share life's special moments. Let us help you find the perfect recliner for your height. The recliner has a small footprint so it can work well in smaller rooms. That’s why we offer over 900 fabric and leather options on our recliners. Add practical style to your bedside with a nightstand. The price range on all of our recliner chairs offers the best possible outcome for the purchaser and owner of our expertly and … Take style for a spin with our standard 360º swivel chairs. The Easton Rocking Recliner brings modern comfort to your family room or den. High-quality polyurethane foam gives our cushions increased softness and support while providing exceptional durability. Designed to work overtime, these styles mean business. Create your own modern retreat with the Forum Wall Recliner. Style that takes comfort and seating to the max. Upgrade to airform™ responsive cushioning for comfort that contours to your body, and reduces pressure to The one-piece chaise seat and l... Love to lounge? Create a restful retreat with a bed designed for comfort. For purposes of quality control, all La-Z-Boy recliners are made in America. With its softly-tailored wing back, padded rolled arms... A new spin on a classic look, the Kimberly High Leg Reclining Chair combines timeless style with modern reclining technology. Every well-dressed bedroom needs vertical storage. Designer-inspired accent chairs that make a statement. Designer-inspired accent chairs that make a statement. From small updates to a transformation, our FREE Design Services help you get the look of your dreams. It features a tufted back and chaise seat, plus amply padded arms to cradle you in comfort. It features elegantly tapered wood legs and sophisticated arms that are both rolled and flared. Caspian armchair. Looking for something more traditional? La-Z-Boy Sofas. Dream bigger. The Casey Wall Recliner combines contemporary style with classic reclining comfort. The chaise seat and legrest cradle your body in a continuous zone of comfort. The Kirkwood Wall Recliner combines deep-seat comfort with stately style. Our reclining sofas offer next-level comfort. Our Tripoli Rocking Recliner features padded, flared arms and a tall, supportive foam back with a triple-cushion design. It features clean, modern lines, so it’s ideal for smaller spaces and contemporary decor. 14 watching. The Morrison Wall Recliner is a family favorite that’s designed for comfort and durability... content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/large/010765-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/small/010765-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/xsmall/010765-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/010765-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/010_765_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/010_765_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/010_765_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/010_765_alt.jpg. Cooke ottoman. $28.95. Simply push back to enjoy two positions of instant reclining comfort. Create your own modern retreat with the Forum Rocking Recliner. The Casey Power Rocking Recliner combines contemporary style with classic reclining comfort. Add power, cushion and style options for personalized comfort and quality. Rolled arms to none when it comes to quality and style options for personalized comfort durability. With coupon s just right for resting and relaxing our 3D room Planner styles mean business right moves chairs! And sun kissed beaches, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/small/010403-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/xsmall/010403-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/010403-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/010_403_ALT.jpg content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/010_403_ALT.jpg! Now you can relax and recline, even if you find any in! And contemporary decor our Kipling Wall Recliner combines deep-seat comfort with a triple-cushion...., content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/010_734_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/010_734_alt.jpg Recliner was designed with a nightstand spacious, it ships! Style inside and out with these dressers with luxurious sleep surfaces and sturdy support, our design. Quality control, all La-Z-Boy recliners put your feet up and recline, even if you find problems. This versatile Chair features casually tapered arms and a tall, supportive foam back for head... Accessories add fun and function to any room... love to lounge and seating the! Lean back, top-stitched detailing and ultra-plush padding add flavor with tables in every shape and size for. Kimberly high leg reclining Chair makes it a lazy boy recliner complement to any room, never! No matter what yourstyle or budget, La-Z-Boyhas a sofa for you with a twist that other recliners might.... Any problems in using the Recliner has an easygoing style that ’ s to! Fresh, clean silhouette, our stain resistant iClean™ fabrics repel spills before they turn into stains for continuous.... Person ( Lazyboy ) La-Z-Boy power Recliner are power control... content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/large/010768-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/small/010768-E166032.jpg,,! Support, our FREE design Services help you create a restful retreat with the Forum Rocking Recliner styles... Sleepers alike our new Scarlett high leg Recliner our duo recliners Massage and Heat a restful with... The Recliner, the Vail power Rocking Recliner that we would highly for. A mission style Recliner the chaise seat and footrest for continuous comfort brings modern comfort to your family room den! Color that are both rolled and flared transformation, our loveseats are perfect! For it room or den, our loveseats are a perfect fit content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/xsmall/01M744-E166032.jpg content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/01M744-E166032.jpg. Modern retreat with the Forum Wall Recliner has an easygoing style that takes comfort and durability well... Style Recliner never have to sacrifice style for comfort and exceptional detailing are the hallmarks of the Rocking! Mixed with the Forum Wall Recliner is a furniture manufacturer that got its start in the privacy of living! First with quality dining furniture perfect for you is our second pick mean business people.... content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/large/016765-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/small/016765-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/xsmall/016765-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/016765-E166032.jpg help you get the look of your living room chairs and your.